Grace Davis is a twenty-something creative. Grace is passionate about creating moments of beauty in her life through her faith, education, career, art, relationships, etc., Thus, @Beautyinhisgrace was formed. Grace is a writer, although she denies it. Grace is a poet, although she hides it. Lastly, Grace is an artist, finding her voice and her muses. 

Grace is currently an Arts Administrator major at the University of Kentucky. Grace is constantly at work in her creative while trying to juggle life as a college student. Her work currently is used through the medium of the written word, digital, canvas, or woodworking.

Grace one day hopes to bring her love of God, art, and people together in a marvelous project. Until that grand project, Grace is taking each day as it comes-- while also preparing for graduate school applications. 


Grace would love to talk with you about her passions, dreams, her love for coffee, and hopeful future endeavors.