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Hi!  You've stumbled across my blog. It is either 2 AM or you are really doing some killer detective work to know why I'm doing this. This blog is a place for dreams, struggles, inspiration, messiness, and all of the in-between. Truthfully, I get scared to share my heart and words again. However, I just want to bring light into the conversation of faith. I want to create a space for people to question, rejoice, weep, dance, etc. This is is a place for a young and messy christian just trying to walk through this loud world. This is the dream and reason behind this blog-- not for some Instagram fame or to be a brand ambassador. I'm just me. I just want to bring his kingdom with every step, breath, and word. If you don't know where you stand in your faith or you need a good laugh... welcome, and you are so wanted here. YOU! ARE! MEANT! TO! BE! HERE! 


Hi, I'm Grace Davis.

Grace Davis is a Nashville native who attends the University of Kentucky. Grace graduated from Davidson Academy in 2018 and spent nine months serving with The World Race Gap Year. Grace lived in Swaziland, Nepal, India, and Guatemala. Grace is currently navigating life in America, university life in Lexington, sorority life as an ADPI, dating as a Christian, heartbreaks, exams, faith, and being twenty two years old. When she isn't writing an angsty blog post, Grace can be found at a coffee shop, on Pinterest, talking about rabies, or dancing while eating her dessert. Grace also realizes how pretentious speaking in the third person is... she apologizes.

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